Heli-linth flight academy

Pilot training in Switzerland

Switzerland needs motivated, reliable and well-trained pilots. Helicopter pilot is not just a dream job, it changes your life in a positive way. The helicopter plays in the swiss alps a very important role. Dozens of activities, such as serving remote mountain regions, help with major accidents or natural disasters, all types of construction, timber haulage or rapid passenger transport by helicopter are easily solvable.
Fancy to fly a helicopter from the pilot's seat? We offer trial flights without previous experience!

Heli-Linth operates a national flight school (registered facilities) recognized by FOCA (Federal Office for Civil Aviation), which will be extended into a new European ATO (Approved Training Organization) We train you up to the helicopter private pilot (PPL H) in accordance with the latest European regulations. Further, we offer the following training courses:

     Types retraining TRS
     Differential training
     Mountain landing training MOU
     Night flying NIT

With us you fly the most advanced helicopters Ecureuil AS350B3e the company Airbus Helicopters.

 After a consultation with the instructor, you can start your training any time.


Interested? Do you have questions what it takes to become a helicopter pilot , what the costs are and which career paths are available?

Contact us and we will assist you personally.

Trial flight

 Is it a long time wish of yours to pilot a Helicopter yourselves? The Heli-Linth flight academy allows you to take over the control of the helicopter and experience the fascination as well as the impressions, which usually are reserved for trained pilots. At first, you will be theoretically and practically introduced by a flight instructor in the fascinating world of a helicopter. During the trial flight you take, as a pilot on the pilot's seat, under the supervision of an experienced instructor control.

 You can experience a trial flight with us without any special formalities. The flight time can be fully credited for a later training.


Do you want to surprise someone with an unforgettable gift? Gift Certificates for trial flight are avialable for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


Privat pilot PPL(H)

 Medical requirements

 In addition to the pilot's license to operate an aircraft, a medical certificate (Medical class 1) is required. Medical certificates are classified into two distinct categories: For ccommercial Pilots, a Medical Class 1 is compulsory, private pilots need a Medical Class 2. The medical must be on hand before the first solo flight during training. For obvious reasons, our flight school demands the medical before the start of training.

The Private Pilot Training includes a theoretical as well as a flying part. The applicant must be at least 17 years old, show no criminal record and a possess a medical certificate of Class 2 (Medical Class 2) The training requires at least 45 hours of flight time. This includes 10 solo hours alone on board. Maximum of 5 hours may be counted in a simulator for training.


The training will take place on the Airbus Ecureuil helicopter AS350B3e. A check flight with an expert will then complete your training. The private pilot license allows you to operate private, non-commercial flights. After training, you are required to complete each year at least 2 hours of flight time, including a check flight with an expert. The theoretical part of the Private Pilot's teaching will be completed at one of our partner schools, where they this courses in regular intervals.

Heli-Linth does not offer private charter of helicopters.


In order to have good chances of a succesful training, future helicopter pilot should meet the following requirements:

 Minimum Age 17

Good health (see medical conditions)

Impeccable Reputation

Good english skills, a second national language is of advantage

Team spirit

Social skills

The flying suitability to be clarified in a trial flight


Type retraining (TRS) / differential Training

 Would you like to retrain to the modern turbine helicopters Ecureuil AS350B3 + / B3e or do you have already AS350 Rating? We offer all the theoretical as well as practical retraining on our helicopter types Airbus Ecureuil helicopter AS350B3 + / B3e. Retraining takes at least 5 hours of flight time and also includes a theoretical course. If you are already flying several helicopters types, the flying part of a conversion may be reduced to 2 hours of flight time.

Heli-Linth does not offer private charter of helicopters.



Night Flight Training NIT

Night flying training includes at least 5 hours flying with approx. 30 landings and a navigation flight of 50 km distance. The night-theory course at our partner school is compulsory.  After completion of the Private Pilot Training (PPL H) at least 100 flying hours after completion of the PPL(H) examination, of which 60 hours as a pilot-in-command (PIC) and 20 hours of cross-country flight. Private pilots are also required to have completed 10 hours of simulated instrument flight, of which 5 hours on a simulator may be taken into account.  Upon completion of training, you are authorised to carry out flights according to night visual flight rules.  


Mountain landing training MOU

In Switzerland, mountain flight training is compulsory for landings at altitudes of more than 1100 metres above sea level. This training is regulated by national legislation and has an excellent reputation far beyond the country’s borders.

Training covers flying in the mountains with landings on official mountain sites in the high mountains at up to 4200 metres above sea level. It includes at least 200 landings in the mountains, 50 of these at up to 2000 metres above sea level and 150 on official landing sites. 

Landings must be carried out on at least 20 different sites, 10 of which must be over 2700 metres above sea level. To complete the training, you need at least 100 hours of flying time in total. 

Training is completed with a check flight and authorises you to carry out private and commercial flights in the mountains. Training can be combined with a Type Rating (type re-training) on request. The flying examinations for TR and Mountain flight training must always be taken separately.