Excavators & machines


Small excavators, compressors, engines of all kinds - today indispensable tools are transported by us to any desired location.

Excavators and machines that exceed the load capacity of our helicopters, can fly disassembled and put back together at destination inch perfect. Disassemble, if at all possible, save the immensely higher costs of large helicopters.




Capacity up to max. 1300 kg

Boards - bars - sheers - glass


... may they are ever so bulky - the solution is usually up in the air.
Our flight assistants are specialized in optimizing the flight behavior of heavy and bulky loads by preparing them before flight.







Capacity up to max. 1300 kg

Container - cases - palette

... will be transported with the intended hanger with swivel hook, which saves preparation time and guarantees optimum flight behavior.















Capacity up to max. 1300 kg

Piano - Whirlpools


Play the piano in the new apartment, enjoy your evening in the new whirlpool ...
...but not a clue how to transport these things on the road to your destination?  No problem, Heli-Linth flies your piano or your whirlpool quickly and professionally to the new location.

Capacity up to max. 1300 kg

Groceries - animal food - incidentals


Supply of SAC lodges, mountain restaurants or alpine farms with food, drinks, animal food and incidentals. Safe and fast transport of the goods in our nets or bigbags to the desired destination. 









Capacity up to max. 1300 kg



To ensure best conditions for a smooth and cost efficient timber transport, Heli-Linth has created the following advantages:
Three Airbus Ecureuil B3 helicopters with each one lifting a maximum payload of 1400 kg, all equipped with bottom windows for better visibility for the pilot.
By the use of our double pawl customers benefit from massive lower transport costs per cubic meter of timber.


Capacity up to max. 1300 kg     

Pipes - tanks - shafts - silos


... will be prepared in a way, that they can be installed directly at destination without intermediate storage.







Capacity up to max. 1300 kg  

Sand - gravel - shingle - concrete

... is filled directly from concrete mixers, trucks or by small excavator into our customized concrete buckets. Whether in a formwork, on a flat roof etc. - the helicopter flies everything exactly to the desired destination.
To ensure maximum utilization, Heli-Linth has 3 different types of aluminum buckets:

  4 pots à 364 liters
  2 pots à 470 liters
  2 pots à 615 liters
Capacity: for 1 cubic meter of concrete it takes2.5 to 3 flights.

Capacity up to max. 1300 kg  



Governors of parks, sport grounds and cemeteries often face the problem that branches of trees or plants need to be removed. The solution lies in the air!  A specially qualified staff removes branches  fast and at a reasonable price with the helicopter.

Capacity up to max. 1300 kg 

Stone - Clay


Clay for water catchments, stones for natural walls, linings etc. are transported in so-called excavation buckets, that have an automatic drain mechanism. This process contributes significantly to job safety.

Capacity up to max. 1300 kg 

Caravans - garden sheds - pre-fabricated parts


Which owner of Cottages,  garden plots or caravans has not already agonized about moving or relocating?   The solution is called here again: Helicopter!  These transport are quick and cost-effectively than generally assumed.  Within no time Caravans and inventory are moved - even entire garden plot settlements.







Capacity up to max. 1300 kg 

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